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Offering Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) services – mediation or arbitration – to the South Bay and Greater Los Angeles Area

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South Bay ADR is dedicated to offering cost-effective mediation or arbitration services to address most legal disputes or personal conflicts. South Bay ADR is operated by a civil litigation attorney of over two decades and who also has extensive experience and training in alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”). His background has motivated him to provide ADR solutions to most personal, pre-litigation and litigation matters. The services provided are especially useful to parties with disputes of $100,000 or less that simply cannot be efficiently litigated. Cases filed in limited jurisdiction courts ($25,000 or less) are handled at a discounted rate.

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Covid-19, Panic and Tolerance

It has been a while since I posted a blog so, and as with most of us, I currently have the time to do so given the virus "crisis" that is affecting the world and the "stay home" orders that have been issued.  I have learned something valuable in the past few weeks...

Attorney’s Fees, Mediation and Economic Practicality

Recently, I participated in a mediation - as an attorney for a Plaintiff - in a breach of contract dispute where the contract itself, unfortunately, did not have an attorney’s fees provision.  My client was absolutely set on recovering the balance owed him by the...

The Types or “Styles” of Mediation

There are principally three types or “styles” of mediation and it is important when retaining a mediator to know which style of mediation he or she practices because one style may be better suited to a given fact pattern then another style.  The three styles of...

“Win-Win” in Negotiation and Mediation

The phrase "win-win" is now a part of American parlance.  Most people have a good idea of what the phrase means in that it has to do with both parties in a negotiation or exchange of some kind leaving that completed exchange better off.  In that regard, it is much...

Apology, Forgiveness and Resolving Disputes

Dispute resolution often involves one party "apologizing" and another "forgiving."  These terms are often misused and/or misunderstood.   This prominent UCLA psychiatrist offers what I believe to be a fairly good overview of what the varying meaning of these terms are...

Why Alternative Dispute Resolution is Preferable to Litigation (Usually)

I have been a civil litigation attorney for longer than I care to admit and I have learned a few things in that time.  First, the litigation system is not completely about "truth," "justice" and the "American way."  It's also about gamesmanship. It's also about...

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a less formal process than going to court to resolve disputes.  It involves, usually, one person hired to act as a sort of "private" judge who listens to the evidence of the parties and issues a binding ruling which can later be enforced by the...

Emotions and Mediation

As human beings, we all have emotions. Emotions are what make us alive and what allow us to appreciate our very existence. Emotions are good things provided they do not overtake our reason.  With emotions, like with most everything in life, moderation is the key. ...